Lisa Riley launches 2nd diet book ‘Lose Weight for Life’

17 May 2018

Lisa's book will be out on Thursday 12th July 2018.

Following on from her Honesty Diet, Lisa is back with a second book to once again get you eating better, moving around more and putting those excuses in the past. Now she shares all the lessons and new behaviours she learned on her incredible weight-loss journey, and shows how to turn them into positive habits for life, so that even if you’ve never dieted before you can take control of your body, for good.

If Lisa can do it, you can too! Packed with her reassuring advice and support, this book is all about sustaining your weight loss, staying on track and not giving up. Whether you want to lose a lot, or just a little, with Lisa’s help you’ll learn ways to get motivated, unpick bad habits, combat negative thinking and push yourself just that little bit further….

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Lisa Riley launches 2nd diet book ‘Lose Weight for Life’